Summer 2017 Types of Aid Available

Federal Pell Grant

  • Students who have not received 100% of their Pell Grant as a full time student for the academic year may receive the remaining eligibility for summer.

Summer Assistance Grant (SAG)

  • Students who demonstrate financial need will be considered for a Summer Assistance Grant.

Federal Direct Loans

  • Students who have not borrowed their maximum annual loan limits for the academic year will be offered the remaining eligibility for summer.
  • Parents may be eligible to borrow a Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (Plus) up to their student's cost of attendance minus any other financial aid.

Alternate/Private Loans

  • Students may apply for a credit based loan from a private financial institution (i.e. bank, credit union, etc).

Tuition Assistance or Fee Waiver

  • Students who receive tuition assistance or a fee waiver (Veteran's Benefits, Voc Rehab, Over 60 etc.) during the academic year may be eligible to receive those funds for the summer.