Forms and Resources

US Department of Veterans Affairs Education Service maintains a "One Stop" website that has links to information important to veterans. On this site you will find:

  • Education Benefit Programs: General and detailed information about VA education benefits is provided. "Detailed Information" links to on-line copies of the chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill), 32, 35 (Dependents Educational Benefits), and 1606 (Reservists) education pamphlets. This site also has information about Top-up and reimbursement for licensing and certification tests. Licensing and Certification's Questions and Answers link takes you to a page that explains the benefit in detail.
  • Education News: Current information about changes in legislation, regulations, and policy that effect VA benefits is available at this site.
  • Electronic Application Form: This site links to VONAPP, the Veterans On-line Application Website. Veterans can complete and submit the Application for Education Benefits (22-1990) and the application for Vocational Rehabilitation (28-1900) to VA via VONAPP. ???Plans are underway to add VA forms 22-5490, 22-1995, and 22-5495.
  • WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment): Chapter 30 and 1606 students can certify their monthly enrollment with WAVE. WAVE resides on a secure server.

First time VA beneficiary

If you are just beginning to use your VA benefits, you will first need to complete the following Veterans Administration forms.

  1. Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill), Chapter 1606 (Reservists), and Chapter 1607 (Reservists) - Application for VA Education Benefits (Form 22-1990)
  2. Chapter 35 (Dependents Educational Benefits) - Application for Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance (Form 22-5490)
  3. Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled Veterans) - Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation. You must submit this application first to your nearest Veterans Administration Office.

Current VA beneficiary transferring to CSU

If you are currently or previously a VA beneficiary and utilized your VA Educational Benefits at your previous institution, you will need to:

File the Request for Change of Program/Place of Training if you are receiving Ch. 30, 31, 35, 30/34, and 1606 benefits. This form also must be completed if you are changing your academic program in any way (changing or adding a major, minor, or concentration). This change of academic program must be on record with the university in order for any coursework pertaining to the new program to be certified.

If you are changing from an "undeclared" major to a new major, you must also complete this form.

You should also file a copy of DD214 (Ch. 30) or NOBE (Ch. 1606)